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Honestly Lisa

Welcome to Honestly Lisa The Poo Poo Plater of my life.

Honestly Lisa is an ever-evolving podcast.

So far there a few different podcasts in one.

Men Have Feelings Too- Interviews with groups of men mostly comedians looking for men's feelings.

Love Bites- Recreations of actual conversations from my love life. They are mini RomComs.

Honestly Lisa In search of Lisa- Interviews with everyone from my ex-husband to JP Sears to find myself.

Dear Bunny & Dick- A daily chat with my dead parents. 

Feb 26, 2015

We ask the guys how they decide if she's the marrying type or the girl they want to sleep with, or if that concept is totally bogus! 

Feb 19, 2015

What is normal sex? On this week's episode, Kevin Forrest and Seth Shapiro are asked the hard questions about normal sex (whatever that is) vs. Fantasy Sex (whatever that is). 

Feb 12, 2015

This week's episode includes PDA and Dirty Words

This week's guests: Dylan Brody, Rob Dew, Alex Stein

Feb 5, 2015

Do you remember all the first times? Kissing. Boners. Boobs.

This week's guests: Chris Bonno, Chris Pina, Daniel S. Reeves, Jimmy Lee Wirt.