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Honestly Lisa

Welcome to Honestly Lisa The Poo Poo Plater of my life.

Honestly Lisa is an ever-evolving podcast.

So far there a few different podcasts in one.

Men Have Feelings Too- Interviews with groups of men mostly comedians looking for men's feelings.

Love Bites- Recreations of actual conversations from my love life. They are mini RomComs.

Honestly Lisa In search of Lisa- Interviews with everyone from my ex-husband to JP Sears to find myself.

Dear Bunny & Dick- A daily chat with my dead parents. 

Sep 22, 2017

I have the thoughtful, smart, talented Kelly Carlin in the studio today!

We have a ton in common, both tendered & raised by professionally funny men.

Chickenman & The Hippy Dippy Weatherman

I am not sure I have discussed the fact my dad was Chickeman. He was local radio personality in Chicago and dressed up in feathers...

Sep 18, 2017

I was the kid with the perpetually messy desk in school, it seemed to get messy within moment minutes of cleaning it. As an adult closets, car trunks, garages, silverware drawers. Organizing time feels the same… I suck at organizing time.


“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up...

Sep 1, 2017

What is numerology? Is there a rhyme to its science.

Shelly Winter's told me I should change my name to Ollie Orkin. Would my life be different? Would I have 4 kid,s a great career and George as my husband? Or would I be an accountant living in Pheonix? And honestly either is fine as long as I was happy? Would that have...