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Honestly Lisa

Welcome to Honestly Lisa The Poo Poo Plater of my life.

Honestly Lisa is an ever-evolving podcast.

So far there a few different podcasts in one.

Men Have Feelings Too- Interviews with groups of men mostly comedians looking for men's feelings.

Love Bites- Recreations of actual conversations from my love life. They are mini RomComs.

Honestly Lisa In search of Lisa- Interviews with everyone from my ex-husband to JP Sears to find myself.

Dear Bunny & Dick- A daily chat with my dead parents. 

Nov 2, 2017

Since my divorce, over 15 years ago I have been on a quest for happiness and enlightenment.

Books, podcasts, audio tapes, audiobooks, mantras, yoga, prayer, meditation, therapy, retreats, seminars, grateful apps, A Course of Miracles (I’ve done the first two weeks a half dozen times), a cord cutter (don’t ask), a shaman, many Super Souls Sundays and list could go on! I was chasing it away! Get rid of those negative thoughts! Do it right now! Do it!

And then I met Zofie, practical, real and so funny, she gives a relaxed easy approach to letting go of those negative thoughts and finding your own happy place. I use her mediations on a daily basis these days. And they are knocking the shit out of my ancient stories about myself and life and I am seeing the forest through the trees. She has one on her website you can get for free!

So, meet Zofie Lloyd-Kucia… this is her first time but won’t be her last on Honestly Lisa. And FYI, in the not too distant future, we are going to do about three sessions ala Katy Perry style for you all to hear.


  • It’s all about using relaxation to find happiness or success.
  • Live without love, laughter, and fun doesn’t make sense.
  • Living with Faith and Trust helps things work out.
  • Our thoughts really matter.
  • You don’t need to make yourself happy. You just need to stop fucking things up.
  • It’s not about what you do, but how you feel.
  • Life is a big mirror. When you shift how you feel, your life will reflect that.
  • You are born on this earth to have fun, so get on with it!
  • The less we judge, the freer we are. Life feels easier when we just state things factually.
  • Goodness is flowing to us all. The questions is how much will you allow?
  • Be mindful of where your focus is.
  • Don’t say I’m afraid, say I’m excited! It’s the same in your body.
  • Take the pressure off. Seeking your happiness should be stressful. Ever.


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